Essay-The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education: Einstein. what does he mean by that and do you think he is correct.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”: Einstein. What does he mean by that and do you think he is correct?

Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford are the few examples of successful people who were school dropouts and became successful in their lives. They all learned by themselves, and never let education hinder their ways of learning. “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” as quoted by Einstein means that the educational institutes restrict the fertile mind of a young student, by not able to utilize it in a proper manner. Formal education impedes the creativity of a child and does not allow building imagination. I think that Einstein has quoted rightly because to realize one’s true potential, one should follow his instincts, nurture it and finally reap the harvest of it.

The successful persons in this world have been truly following their passion, and nothing has been able to stop them. To illustrate this, Dhirubhai Ambani an Indian business tycoon, who was an illiterate, founded the Reliance Group of Industries just through his imagination and sheer iron will. Today Reliance Industries is a Fortune 500 company. Similarly Sachin Tendulkar an Indian cricket icon has nurtured his passion for the game. He did nothing else but played cricket. Thus he attained the feat which no other batsman has been able to achieve it.

Finally, we can say that one does not need to inculcate all the knowledge he comes across, instead, imbibe the skills which are relevant to him, and become proficient.

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Essay -2

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education: Einstein. what  does he mean by that and do you think he is correct.

One of the prerequisite of life is education. Learning and education are directly related to each other. When a person learn something and he get the certificate that process is known as education. Undoubtedly, the only thing that interfere in students learning, is education because pressure of career, education system and family expectation.

The first and foremost priority in person’s life in current era is education, but to get education person have to be dedicated towards learning. There is a lot of competition  in every field, which gives lot pressure to the students to choose their appropriate career. However, there is a huge drawback in our education system as well. For example, the knowledge of subjects like History, Physics and Chemistry is not applied in all professions, but students have to learn these subjects, which gives birth to the problem in their learning process.

A common phenomenon as seen in today’s world, is that the, students give up their interest due to family expectations and family pressure. Parents should allow their child to choose the career by his own choice because if he has interest and passion to do something then he can win the world. On the other hand if parents force their child to adopt certain path against the child’s wish, then  it can lead to dissatisfaction and eventually failure in the long run. One typical example is Sachin Tendulkar, who is the world’s greatest batsman and he chose his profession of cricket because it was his passion, and he did not deter away from it. His perseverance and keen interest in the game brought out the best in him with the full support  from his parents . Had he been indulged in some other activity, we would have not been able to watch this great master blaster.

To encapsulate, education is a smaller segment of learning, as the learning process continues till his last breath. Therefore, students should choose their desired profession without feeling pressure from parents and society. Moreover, government should also take some steps which can be implemented in the school and that leads to the motivation of  students.  

By Vipul Sharma


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One thought on “Essay-The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education: Einstein. what does he mean by that and do you think he is correct.

  1. The Beast August 28, 2016 at 10:14 am Reply

    Essay – 3
    The role of conventional ways of acquiring education is widely debated, with many academics claiming that traditional academic studies hinder one’s spontaneous learning and so prove detrimental in the acquisition of education. However, I do not entirely accept this and I will explain why in this essay.

    The arguments in favour of academic education are myriad. The most conspicuous one is that not every learner possesses extraordinary talent as prodigies like Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare, who did not require a proper learning environment. Instead, they enhanced their knowledge spontaneously and did not require outside pressure or a stereotyped curriculum. However, this is something that is applicable to a handful of pupils. In general, in order to acquire knowledge successfully, learners need a step-by-step procedure which also varies according to their age. There is no doubt that without strict rule setting and stringent discipline, most students will not feel any pressure to study at all. Besides, frequent tests and exams are also essential to insure that students have learnt their lessons properly. Needless to say, all these merits will stand learners in good stead, as far as effective learning is concerned.

    Another pivotal aspect of traditional education is that the curriculum is set in such a way that by the time they finish their academic studies, students learn a variety of subjects. They gain knowledge in such fields as science, commerce, arts and literature. Apparently, learning a wide range of subjects will help youths in a variety of ways, from extending their horizons to instilling essential values in them to honing their skills in numerous fields. There is no denying that without a fixed guideline to follow; learners are bound to go astray, ruining their promising future.

    From what has been discussed, one can conclude that formal education complements learning; the argument that claims conventional learning methods to be an interference with real learning is ungrounded indeed.

    Sources: Brar, Pinky

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