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Essay – Whether the design of building will have a positive or negative impact on the people’s life and work?

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At the individual level, an exceedingly compelling office is one that has positive impact on work execution, psycho-social prosperity, and health. On the other hand, a faulty designed building or an old facility may provide a risk of falling down or affects the moods of persons adversely.

First of all, the performance of any person is related to ability, motivation and opportunity. A good designed building can enhance one’s ability as it provides lots of comforts and ambient conditions and reduces the health and safety risks. Further on a building can positively affect “motivation” by providing conditions that promote positive affective functioning, psychological engagement, and personal control. Lastly, a building can affect the opportunity by providing equitable access to conditions that reduce health and safety risks, equitable access to amenities.

Psychological prosperity is one of the key area where the building’s design affects. It leads to positive moods and provide personal control over the ambient conditions which enhances the performance. Moreover, a positive mood can lead to reduced absenteeism and increased organizational commitment. On the other hand, building discomforts lead to a negative mood and affects the individual’s performance.

Finally, buildings affect the health of the individual directly. With a comfortable environment, workers are less likely to get stressed and lead a healthy life. Modern buildings often have inhouse clinic, gymnasium, counselling experts, yoga and meditation facilities, which is often used by the workers as and when required.

It can be concluded that buildings design often have a direct affect on the people and it can result positively if taken care, whereas building discomforts often adversely influence the people.

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