Read Aloud-Check the Pronunciation of these words

Vary Eventually Organization theoretically
Very Colony Thresholds wander
Analyse Recognized Disaster wonder
Government Ingredients Analysis monarchy
Technology Coasters clothes laboratory
Technological Power escape heart
World Versatility February eyes
Depth Durability hierarchy ice
Situation Mosaic prescription biology
Determine Magnificient yolk biological
Explosive Acerbic accessory psychology
Global Curators way geography
Competitive Philanthropists arctic loose
Important Financial asterisk lose
Thesis Economy athlete accept
Ace Economical cache except
Persuasiveness Finance cavalry guilty
Arguments Development chaos build
Predilection Environment jewelry business
Devastation Contemplation niche paper
International Journey picture rich
Significant Disguise wintry reach
Centuries Elites year hill
Years Myths innovative heal
Evolved Consumerism busy anxiety

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