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The 21st Century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring ? Use examples and details to explain your answer.

The 21st Century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring ? Use examples and details to explain your answer.

Historically, evolution has been in nature’s hands. Now, suddenly, it is largely in human hands, but we need to be cautious, using our scientific know-how as responsibly as possible. The job of today’s young people, or the “Transition Generation” will be to get humanity through the coming period of chaos, peril, and opportunity. Cognitive abilities of humans has helped him to transform Stone Age into age of technology in a phased manner.21st century heralded the era of transformation in every sphere of life to make the quality of life better . Be it education, infrastructure, medicines, weapons, food and the like.

 With the development of infrastructure and means of communication like railways, airways, shipways, cars , world has transformed into global village . It is not just their development but also its frequency and speed which is constantly being improved and this century will witness self driven vehicles, flying cars, mono rails, space tourism and many more inventions which are beyond our imagination.

Life on extra terrestrial planets would become a reality. Astronomical innovations have provided us new insights into life which was earlier restricted to earth. It will help us to discover medicines of incurable or life threatening diseases as our space is treasure of rare earth materials and energy. It is already a proven fact that surgeries done in space have better result.

The basic problems of hunger, malnutrition, drinking water, with which our world is still afflicted would be lost into oblivion. With cutting edge technologies in food production like gene sequencing , Genome project, Bio-technology food, cross pollination , we will be able to grow foods with desired nutrients and too less land will be required to grow too much food.

However on the flip side, this century will also pose us with various threats in the form of global warming and subsequent thinning of ozone layer which may have catastrophic effects on all life forms on earth and might usher what is called as “Fifth Mass Destruction”. Also new diseases are emerging like Zika Virus, SARS, H1N1 flu, and new types of cancers. Furthermore due to changes in food chain there has been invasion of alien species which are intensifying the damage. Development of weapons of mass destruction like hydrogen bomb, chemical bombs would further pose new threats. Human cloning, Stem cells preservation may also bring unthinkable dangers.

All such fears have to be tackled and managed with utmost level of care and sophistication. Only then we can enjoy the real fruits of time. And we should be ready for all the threats by catapulting our strengths .

Contributed by Nikhil Ahuja.

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for the teachers in the classroom.

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for the teachers in the classroom.

The extensive use of Internet and computers in variety of activities and especially in education has led to a debate that because of over-dependence of computers the role of the teachers will be diminished in the classroom. I, strongly believe that in today’s world classroom teaching cannot be replaced by computers because, computers have limited role to play in the classroom, whereas teachers can teach the students in multiple ways, as per need and provides an excellent learning environment.

Initially, the computers support the classroom teaching, as an excellent aid. In addition to it, internet can provide you a vast pool of knowledge, but it’s only the teacher who can guide you to optimum utilization of the information. Moreover, as a mentor a teacher understand the strengths and weaknesses of his student and can motivate the pupils accordingly from his experience. Unlike computers teachers can always have a one to one interaction and provide the valuable feedback to his students to improve their performance. For instance in Harvard and Oxford University, one mentor is assigned per student throughout his course to guide and evaluate him.

On the other hand computer is a machine. No doubts it follow all the orders given to it and internet consists of ocean of information. It can be of much use, when there is a lack of classroom coaching. In the absence of teacher, internet can substitute the tutor and provide the essential learning. Students can have access to latest information on technology, expert views and opinions and even participate in the virtual lectures.

Last but not the least, we all have to understand that it is the humans who have discovered computers and internet for the benefit of the human race. Internet is just a medium to bring the whole world under one roof. The content available on the internet is the work of humans which is available for everyone to make optimal use of it. It is up to us how much dependent on computers we become or how creative can we can turn into.

Contributed by Yogesh Parmar

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Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues

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Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues

Polygamy means a Man can have multiple wives. Multiple marriages by individuals have enhanced the divorce rate in many places around the world. Polygamy gives rise to many crises like domestic violence, clash of thoughts, hike in expenses, mismanagement of resources, inheritance disputes and jealousy among family members. It becomes very difficult to maintain relationships which lead to separation. In my opinion the possible solutions to these issues are in the introduction of strict laws, motivating for women empowerment and compulsory education  or all.

In polygamous society, man seeks wife among woman of younger ages. As he continues to have multiple partners, the earlier wives get dejected and the man loses interest in them. This leads to clash of thoughts, domestic violence, conflict of interests, jealousy and discord.  Repeated incidents, further breaks the relationship, and finally ends up with a divorce. In addition to it the children of polygamous wives also suffers emotionally and for economic resources.

According to me the solution for these issues lie in a monogamous relationship. On the other hand government should impose stricter laws so that the women are not exploited by men. Also women should be made aware about their rights and be provided with equal rights in the society. Women empowerment should be encouraged, to reduce the dependency of women on men. An educated man and woman can take wise decisions, so government should encourage the citizens to provide compulsory education to all children. Alternatively, in case of divorce a heavy amount of alimony should be imposed in order to discourage it.

Lastly, spreading awareness and campaigns about the ill effects of polygamy can also be an effective way to tackle the issues. It is a well known fact that “unity is strength” and a united family will always bring prosperity.

Contributed by Yogesh Parmar

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Cultural Shock is a new worrying concern for few immigrants. What are the few possible options to eradicate this?

Cultural Shock is a new worrying concern for few immigrants. What are the few possible options to eradicate this?

Cultural setback is causing a panic in the minds of migrants when they reach the new country. Newcomers faces a lot of teething problems when they arrive in the foreign country in form of adjusting to new language, food habits, diverse laws, unfamiliar customs and religion. These hurdles can be overcome in different ways.  In my opinion flexibility and adaptability with proper preparation and respecting the laws and customs of the land will help the immigrants to settle down fast in the  new land.

Firstly, prior to leaving your native country one should get oneself acquainted with the new laws and customs of the foreign country. Moreover, learning the language of the visitor’s country would be an added advantage. It is commonly said that “When in Rome be like a Roman”. Adjusting to the new culture, climate and food habits will help the migrants to develop liking and enjoying the foreign culture. To illustrate this many immigrants from the Asian countries migrates to developed countries like Canada, U.S. They focus on their purpose and are not perturbed by anything else.

Secondly, the newcomers should immediately understand and follow the law of the land in order to keep themselves away from any trouble. Migrants can mix up with their own community people in the foreign country to ease down the initial stress. 

Lastly, another sensitive issue is of “racism”, which the migrants can face in the foreign country. In that case the best solution is to face the situation with patience and then take the issue through a proper channel to the concerned authorities. For instance, in Australia few years back there were few incidents of racism, which were resolved peacefully with the intervention of authorities.

Finally, I would say that it is up to the attitude of the immigrants, how they would react to and imbibe the new customs and regulations. In any case, one can enjoy with a new lifestyle and live happily.

Contributed by Yogesh Parmar

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