Essay-The belching and unauthorized behavior is unacceptable in modern offices. How far you support this view? Give your response with justification.

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Burping and unlawful conduct of people in the present day office premises should not be permitted. I fully agree with the above statement because belching habit among some people, creates foul smell which irritates the colleagues, brings awkwardness among people and clearly shows lack of etiquette and manners. Simultaneously, unauthorized behavior like being racist, speaking rudely and arrogantly and unauthorized access to crucial data may lead to loss in the organization.

Firstly, some people have the tendency to overeat, which can lead to belching. Even burping being a natural tendency, people should monitor their eating habits. Continuous burping releases foul smell which annoys the co-workers. Having no control over one’s belching can leave a bad opinion about the person. Burping every now and then is considered bad manners and the person is surely lacking etiquette. In my opinion this sort of behavior should not be accepted in office.

Secondly, certain actions by the employees are unacceptable in the office. Persons with rude and arrogant behavior often leads to animosity among each other. In certain countries there is a lot of racism which is deeply rooted in the society. Abusing, bitching and bullying has become a part of the nowadays office culture. In addition to this accepting bribe for getting the work done has become a norm. Simultaneously in certain extreme cases few people also pass lewd remarks which makes the workplace an impossible place to work with dignity. Yet in another case accessing restricted data content can lead to huge losses for the company. Any kind of the above mentioned behavior should never be tolerated and can lead to the termination of the employee.

It can be concluded that employees involved in belching and unauthorized behavior should be treated with strictness and be terminated if required.

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