Latest PTE Questions – Contributed by an Exam Taker


Easy Read Aloud

Repeat Sentences –

The Maximum production of chocolate is in U.S

Industrial development will enhance the economy.

The conference has to be scheduled before two weeks in advance.

Describe Image

  • Line graph comparison of UK and Scotland pay gap,
  • Population trend line graph of liechard city
  • Line graph – bit complex. It had two line graphs, one showed the temperature ranges for the various months and the other just focused on may and showed the average rainfall recorded on may 1 -16.
  • Pie chart on how students pay for their studies by aid, by grant, by work, etc.
  • Precipitation world map of different countries.
  • Bar graph average rainfall in inches in 4 cities.

Re-tell lecture

Work team table with lecture on treatment on H.I.V infected patients and measures.

Space and Galaxy transformation over a period of time.

Stressful life of people because of long working hours.


Image of Women sitting and her papers are blowing in air-what is happening with papers?

What structure is used in transportation in river?

What will take a long time to reach on some destination? is it through car, train or airplane?

A table is shown of men and women in undergraduate and graduate course, and ist is asked how many women are there in undergraduate course?

A picture of a city is shown with garden, mall, etc represented with nb like A,B,C etc. And it is asked what A stands for?/


  1. Voting importance, women voting rights, media and politicians and fall in polling votes?
  2. Indian software engineering argued with U.S.A innovation technology etc

ESSAY- on in past 100 years, there has been inventions like antibiotics, airplanes and computers, which is best according to you?


  1. Species survival and their abilities?


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