As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for the teachers in the classroom.

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for the teachers in the classroom.

The extensive use of Internet and computers in variety of activities and especially in education has led to a debate that because of over-dependence of computers the role of the teachers will be diminished in the classroom. I, strongly believe that in today’s world classroom teaching cannot be replaced by computers because, computers have limited role to play in the classroom, whereas teachers can teach the students in multiple ways, as per need and provides an excellent learning environment.

Initially, the computers support the classroom teaching, as an excellent aid. In addition to it, internet can provide you a vast pool of knowledge, but it’s only the teacher who can guide you to optimum utilization of the information. Moreover, as a mentor a teacher understand the strengths and weaknesses of his student and can motivate the pupils accordingly from his experience. Unlike computers teachers can always have a one to one interaction and provide the valuable feedback to his students to improve their performance. For instance in Harvard and Oxford University, one mentor is assigned per student throughout his course to guide and evaluate him.

On the other hand computer is a machine. No doubts it follow all the orders given to it and internet consists of ocean of information. It can be of much use, when there is a lack of classroom coaching. In the absence of teacher, internet can substitute the tutor and provide the essential learning. Students can have access to latest information on technology, expert views and opinions and even participate in the virtual lectures.

Last but not the least, we all have to understand that it is the humans who have discovered computers and internet for the benefit of the human race. Internet is just a medium to bring the whole world under one roof. The content available on the internet is the work of humans which is available for everyone to make optimal use of it. It is up to us how much dependent on computers we become or how creative can we can turn into.

Contributed by Yogesh Parmar

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