Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues

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Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues

Polygamy means a Man can have multiple wives. Multiple marriages by individuals have enhanced the divorce rate in many places around the world. Polygamy gives rise to many crises like domestic violence, clash of thoughts, hike in expenses, mismanagement of resources, inheritance disputes and jealousy among family members. It becomes very difficult to maintain relationships which lead to separation. In my opinion the possible solutions to these issues are in the introduction of strict laws, motivating for women empowerment and compulsory education  or all.

In polygamous society, man seeks wife among woman of younger ages. As he continues to have multiple partners, the earlier wives get dejected and the man loses interest in them. This leads to clash of thoughts, domestic violence, conflict of interests, jealousy and discord.  Repeated incidents, further breaks the relationship, and finally ends up with a divorce. In addition to it the children of polygamous wives also suffers emotionally and for economic resources.

According to me the solution for these issues lie in a monogamous relationship. On the other hand government should impose stricter laws so that the women are not exploited by men. Also women should be made aware about their rights and be provided with equal rights in the society. Women empowerment should be encouraged, to reduce the dependency of women on men. An educated man and woman can take wise decisions, so government should encourage the citizens to provide compulsory education to all children. Alternatively, in case of divorce a heavy amount of alimony should be imposed in order to discourage it.

Lastly, spreading awareness and campaigns about the ill effects of polygamy can also be an effective way to tackle the issues. It is a well known fact that “unity is strength” and a united family will always bring prosperity.

Contributed by Yogesh Parmar

Email : yogeshparmar74@gmail.com




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