How to make short notes for RETELL LECTURE for PTE Academic.

Effective strategies for RETELL LECTURE

  1. First of all observe the picture/image given in the question. You can anticipate something about the topic on which the lecture would be.
  2. Keep your erasable notebook and marker ready to make notes.
  3. Once you start listening to the lecture, make the notes of the key points and the supporting ideas.
  4. Never try to write down everything in the lecture. Pick up only the key words and use your own symbols, abbreviations and arrows to jot down the important points. Make a flow of the ideas so that you can speak fluently.

Example: –  The following is the transcript of a lecture. I shall tell you how to pick up the key points…


In today’s lecture I’m going to talk about changes in air pollution since the middle of the last century and what has created these changes. So, um – by the I 950s, air pollution was very visible with frequent thick black fogs known as ‘smogs’ in many large cities around the world. The main source of this pollution was from factories and it caused severe health problems. For example, a particularly severe smog in London in 1952 caused over four thousand deaths.

Obviously something had to be done and in 1956 a Clean Air Act was introduced in Britain. This addressed the pollution from factories and the smogs soon disappeared, However, as you know, these days air pollution is still a big issue. The main difference between now and the 1950’s is that you can’t see it – it’s invisible. Also, the main source of pollution now is from cars and lorries,

and although these don’t produce visible signs, this air pollution is still a significant risk to health. And one of the key factors in the rise of this type of pollution is that we have all become much more vehicle-dependent, There are far more cars and lorries, trains and planes than in the 1950’s and this is now the main source of air pollution around the world.

Short Notes

  • Now that you have made the notes of the key points, it would be very easy to form the story for your speaking. You will have 10 seconds to recollect your ideas.
  • Finally when the recording bar appears start speaking with a confident tone. Make sure you speak FLUENTLY & with CORRECT PRONUNCIATON of the words. You will have 40 seconds to complete this task.

All the Best

Happy Practising.

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