How to practice REPEAT SENTENCES

Dear Readers


Today we shall be telling you HOW TO EXCEL IN REPEAT SENTENCES of the PTE Academic SPEAKING section.


  1. The purpose of the task is to asses your ability to repeat a sentence exactly as you hear it. Both speaking and listening skills are assessed. You will hear a sentence and must then repeat it. You will hear each sentence only once. You will have 15 seconds to record your response. In all you will hear 10-12 sentences.
  2. In repeat sentences there should be a full concentration and focus on listening the sentence.
  3. Try to imagine who the speaker is and to whom he or she is speaking. What is the context in which the sentence might be spoken.
  4. Remember that speaking correctly with fluency and right pronunciation carries maximum marks
  5. Practice and speak sentences with correct word order.
  6. Try to understand the sentence.
  7. Remember the tune(Tone) of the sentence in which it is spoken. We can recall the lyrics of a song on the slightest listening to the tune of a song. So the INTONATION of the sentence is very important.
  8. Match your rhythm, phrasing & stress of the words with the speaker.
  9. Listen to the grammatical structure of the sentence to help you to reconstruct the sentence.
  10. There is no time to write the sentence. Believe in your short term memory. It is very powerful.
  11. Give a pause for 3-5 seconds and you will recollect what was spoken. Then start speaking as the beep starts.
  12. Say every word you hear: but if you don’t know a word, say what you think you heard. Don’t keep mum or skip the words.
  13. Pronounce the word clearly.
  14. Speak at a normal speed.
  15. Listen to the various pod casts by speakers in different English accent. Start by stopping after 3-4 words, then gradually expand until you stop about every 8-10 seconds
  16. Train your short term memory by repeating announcements, jingles, advertisements or song lines that you hear.Take the help of a magazine or newspapers and practice it with your friends.
  17. Many words in sentence are unstressed or “weak forms”, for e.g. in the phrase as a team, “as a” is unstressed. You will not hear weak forms clearly but the grammar tells you they are present.
  18. Remember there is no tone before the microphone opens in this task, so start to speak as soon as the STATUS BOX changes to “Recording”.

Practising Links – Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5

Keep practising hard.

All the best


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